Posted by: da76 | April 29, 2008

Woolianna (Daly River)

Woolianna was our first “destination” as we were to meet our friends Geoff & Maggie who were intending to be there at that time of the year, however their house sale (in Sydney) changed their plans. 

A team effort. Nice Barra

A team effort. Nice Barra

Woolianna is situated on the river with great facilities and the boat can be kept on the river throughout our stay. While our caravan site booking was stuffed up by the eccentric owner (Adrian) we were just happy to be there. The first day’s fishing was modestly successful (one undersized Barra) but more importantly it gave us the chance to reacquaint ourselves with the river and christen the boat

Fiona and I promised ourselves that our first legal Barra would be celebrated with an appropriately fitting beverage and we just happened to have a bottle of 1984 Grange Hermitage. This was duly opened on third night with a 57cm Barra!


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