Posted by: da76 | May 5, 2008

Woolianna (Daly River) 2


The photo above is what we call ‘the circle of friends’ a 5 o’clock tradition which sometimes starts as early as 4 (depending how thirsty everyone is, or how bad the fishing is). Not the most conducive environment for intellectual discourse but a chance to run your toes through the only grass in the park, possibly the entire NT. (Aggressively protected by Adrian the owner, who would happily shoot you if you were to drive across it!).


Fishing to date has been excellent with our catch slowly increasing commensurate with our increased knowledge of the area. One memorable catch was a 60cm plus Barra that was sporting a range of lures and hooks imbedded in his jaw. We felt somewhat sorry for the poor bugger so we relieved him of his additional jewelery we sent him on his way. 


One less than memorable experience was finding a heap of fish carcasses discarded on the bend of No Fish Creek which had the anticipated outcome of drawing croc’s from miles around. It never ceases to amaze me how some NT fisherman are so complacent with our reptilian friends. At one stage we saw three croc’s ABOVE some of our friends fishing!!!


Fiona has started her art classes with a regular Daly (river) visitor Jackie. Her (Fiona’s) first attempts at watercolors/sketching show great promise! 


In some of the shots you may noticed I entered the Telly Savalis look alike contest. Twas a slight mishap with the clippers! After doing a number 4 trim I was tidying up when I forgot to replace the comb! Result? Landing strip on the back of my head, oh well may as well go all the way!


One of the best parts of a trip like this is the people you meet. One such example is Geoff and Debbie Browne who were camping next to us at the Daly. We hit it off to say the least and had to fish with them, again learning much form Geoff’s experience. We will certainly catch up with them in Darwin.


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