Posted by: da76 | June 14, 2008

Crab Claw Island


p6190047After a several days in Darwin doing minor repairs and improvements and catching up with Debbie And Geoff as well as playing tourist, we headed of to Crab Claw Island where many of the Woolianna crew head to after they have had their fill of Barra.

Crab Claw Island is a pleasant surprise with excellent facilities (white sandy beach, two pools, restaurant/bar and cabins) and most importantly great fishing and crabbing.

We spent the first few days catching numerous crabs,then cooking and shelling them which we then cryovacked and froze for later consumption. I hate to think what with all the crab we are eating (chilli etc) what our cholesterol levels will be like!

While it has been quite windy the layout of the area allows for some great river fishing and you can more often than not find a sheltered area.

Nadia has flown in to join us and is having a great time experiencing the Island as well as playing tourist in Darwin.


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