Posted by: da76 | June 18, 2008



While Nadia is with us we have decided to take the opportunity to visit Litchfield National Park on a day trip from Crab Claw and visit the falls. Feeding the Sooty Grunter (Cliff’s suggestion) was a hoot with the german backpackers asking if the fish were dangerous! Also picnicking on crab next to a fresh water river attracted numerous funny looks and many questions as to where we got the crabs from. Obviously I told them ‘from the river- where else’. I can now see hundreds of people with crab pots making their way to Litchfield!

p61800221Crab Claw Island is definitely a must do next time we are up this way again. Other than infected hands (from crab spikes) it was almost the perfect stay. Fishing was great with the option of reef fishing for Black Jew or river fishing (one day we caught Barra, Threadfin, Fingermark and Jack in one session all in 80cm of water!


I overcame the infections by the ingenious and somewhat barbaric method of thrusting needle nose pliers through the carapace before getting the crab out of the pot, then a quick cleaver in half and Bob’s your uncle, crab ready for the pot!


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