Posted by: da76 | June 26, 2008

Last days in Darwin


The last few days in Darwin were spent getting new tyres for the Land Cruiser and finalising our permit for Gove (Northern Land Council Transit Permit which allows you to travel through Aboriginal Land). Geoff Browne (who we met at Woolianna)kindly offered to take us out on the Darwin Harbour to bring in a bulk gas tanker with the Tug he captains. 


We met Geoff at the wharf at the ungodly hour of 4 am. Geoff gave us the tour of the tug and mandatory safety warnings etc (If it sinks….swim). 


We headed off to rendezvous with the tanker (coming in from Japan)the power of the tug was amazing and the next thing we knew this huge shape emerged out of the pre dawn light. Several hours later we had (with the aid of three other tugs and the pilot) manoeuvered the ship to the dock.Tying up the beast took another two hours! What an experience.

Geoff also provided introductions to friends in Nhulunbuy (Tony and Lousie) as you need a ‘place to stay’ to ensure your permits for transit.


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