Posted by: da76 | July 7, 2008



The last couple of days have been quite exciting as we seem to have been adopted by an aboriginal family. The first encounter was with Morgan who was camped on the other side of the bay. He honked the car horn and waived so I jumped in the boat to see what the problem was. He had run out of water and wanted to ‘borrow some’. We gave 20 litres all we could spare at the time. Later in the day an aboriginal family (Beth, Frank and clan) turned up, stopping in front of our camp. Frank started digging up sand crabs for bait and within minutes had pulled in a beautiful tusk fish! (Wrasse). Beth invited Fiona to go and collect oysters, which was code for “can they use our boat” (we are slowly learning the subtleties of indigenous negotiations!)


p8060107She showed Fiona to an amazing cave system which was riddled with tiny oysters. Fiona was put to work with a pick and sharp stick. About time the gathering part of the hunter gathering way of life kicked in!!!


The next day we got another “Hoy David”! from across the bay from someone I didn’t recognise. It turned out to be Woodyana (who I hadn’t met but who knew my name)and who was a member of the Yothu Yindi band. It seems we had been adopted as the local courier service as he wanted me to take a key and some jam from one side of the river to the other! This system went on for a few days with oystering, sting ray hunting etc.


The exchange was tour guiding (by them) and boat chartering (by us)..seemed to work quite well until we were offered to share in their delicacy ‘boiled stingray’ YUK!



Beth and Frank were the local landowners and had a great affinity for the land telling us about their “dreaming” about the headland and whale connotations.


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