Posted by: da76 | July 15, 2008

Blown away…Off to Wonga


Well, the wind has won! 25 knots plus has made the camp at Daliwoi a tad uncomfortable and we have decided to move on. A few days in town organising provisions and visiting some of the more touristy things and we are heading out again. Permits to Wonga (special permit area)are difficult to come by but fortunately Peter (Duck to his friends)and Leslie Mallard (friends of Tony and Louise) offered us to join him on his permit.

p7110063After a challenging drive out to Wonga Creek through tight, overhanging branches, rocks, sand, gullies and various other obstacles we found the perfect camp site. It was right on the river with freshwater for showering and a little beach area to leave the boat. Our biggest concern was whether the river was navigable to the saltwater bay where we hoped to fish.


The next morning we discovered that is certainly was and caught 3 travally, 1 cod, 2 fingermark and a couta. We saw huge schools of milk fish swimming right next to the boat, a baby croc (30 cm),a large croc, sea eagles and 2 dolphins!


We have a lovely breeze to keep the mozzies and sandflies under control though they don’t really seem to be a problem here. What a find – a freshwater camp with salt water fishing!


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