Posted by: da76 | July 27, 2008

Back to Daliwoi


Hey! It’s meant to be the dry season! After Wonga we headed back to Daliwoi and started to rain. Not too bad but just enough to be uncomfortable. Morgan has given me a Gidgi (which is a spear) and I have been giving the crab population a hiding, spearing them from the boat one hour after high tide on the run out. We have fallen in love with the area so our two week stay looks more like a two month stay.

p8120137A few days ago we took Rita with us and did the Alcan mine tour which was interesting but laced with propaganda. The overriding rumor around town is that they make it difficult for tourists to stay in the area so as to avoid any difficult questions regarding the environmental practices. Makes sense as the local workforce is unlikely to jeopardise their jobs by complaining. Saying that though we didn’t see any overt pollution issues.


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