Posted by: da76 | August 20, 2008

Flora Nature Reserve


We made it back to Katherine in one day and picked up the van before heading to Flora Reserve which we had heard from Geoff & Dianne(from Townsville)who we met at Gove. 


Flora Nature Reserve is 130 kilometers south west of Katherine. A fairly sparse camping area but it does have good toilets and hot solar showers. It’s good entertainment here just watching the wildlife. Wallabies abound (unlike Gove where we had been told they’d all been eaten)and there seems to be a small soak a couple of meters from our camp site. It attracts all the local birds who squabble over drinking and bathing rights.


Getting the boat into the river was also interesting considering the bank is a good 5 meters above the waterline.  A winch has been installed to overcome this problem! The highlight of the river is the Kathleen Falls – a series of small, spring fed falls that tumble over soft “tufa” rock. It’s just so beautiful and so tempting to swim in!


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