Posted by: da76 | September 2, 2008

King Ash Bay

Arrived at King Ash Bay from 12 Mile Yard where we spent a lovely weekend with Geoff and Debbie Browne (who we had met at the Daly River).


Before we left Katherine we gave the van a quick wash down to get rid of the bull dust. We could have top soiled half of the Sunshine Coast! (Check ou the video on the movies page).

For once we were able to swim in the river as the rangers patrol this stretch and drag out any recalcitrant crocodiles. It’s starting to warm up so the swim was much appreciated.

King Ash Bay (see photo) is on the Gulf at the Johnson river. It is a huge waterway with thousands of kilometers of meandering creeks. To get to the fishing ground is an hour’s motor in the boat to the mouth of the inlets.

The camping area is on a low cliff and fairly sparse but hey it has water views! Our first day’s fishing was with advice of our camping neighbors (Gary and Joy Rickard) who incidentally is the uncle of one of Nadia’s school friends and lives in Yandina of all places….small world! taking the advice we were hooked up in no more than six seconds to our first gulf Barra (68cm). We celebrated in the pub that night with pie and peas!


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