Posted by: da76 | September 27, 2008

Tinaroo Dam

We made a B line from Karumba and headed to Tinaroo Dam in the hinterland of Cairns. We were recommended a spot by our friends we met in Gove and it turned out to be perfect (Kaurie Creek). What more could you want! Rolling grass down to a huge lake filled with red claw and barramundi AND no crocs!

We set up camp on a small peninsula and got into some serious relaxing. We were a bit fished out so spent our time learning how to catch red claw. 


After many a piece of advice about which was the best bait we found out that potatoes and cat food were the go. Unfortunately it took us several days to find out that the potatoes were meant to be boiled and that cat food can needed to be opened (just joking about the cat food) but serious about the potato. Everyone neglected to mention that! After we worked that out we were catching heaps usually 20 or so in each pot (we had 8 pots).

While at Tinaroo we had a call from Wendy (my sister) who was feeling the pressure caring for my mother as her (mum’s) health was deteriorating rapidly.

We decided to change plans and head south to help out.


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