Posted by: da76 | January 10, 2009

A fork in the road!

Those who are following the blog will realise there is quite a gap between the last post (27th September). No need to bore you with the details but we have spent the last few months shuttling back and forwards between the Sunshine Coast and Tweed making arrangements for my mother to move into a new retirement complex. She is much more settled and happy. The highlight was spending time with Nadia and celebrating her 18th birthday. We also had a few unusual experiances including;

  • Living in a retirement village (at last we are the youngsters!)
  • Squatting in a back yard in Bli Bli (thanks David & Leah)
  • Sheltering in the biggest garage you have ever seen (Thanks Trudy & Garry)
  • Spending a lovely time at Cotton Tree Caravan Park (Thanks Maroochy Shire Council…OOPS….SCRC)
  • House sitting on the Gold Coast (Thanks Rafael)

During all this we even had time to do some consulting work! Which topped up the coffers nicely!


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