Posted by: da76 | January 24, 2009

On the road again!

At last we are back on the road. The hopping between GC and SC was unsettling to say the least but all seems back on track. It’s interesting that living in a caravan can be preferable to a million dollar home on Main Beach (No offense Horrie), the caravan gives you the freedom that no home can replicate. I now see why when guests with vans visited us they preferred to stay in the van rather than the guest room.

Anyway we are off again….First stop catching up with Rick (Fiona’s Uncle) at Lennox Heads then off south next (major stop) Canberra.

On the way down we free camped and enjoyed the cooling weather.

In Canberra we caught up wit Tim, Leanne and the girls and had a great time reminiscing. Our last trip 12 years ago included time with Tim et al and looking at the girls all grown up definitely made us feel old! (Check out the video of the last rip with the girls struggling up Mount Kosciusko).

After Canberra we headed towards Melbourne stopping off at Milawa (Actually Oxley) where we free camped by the King River and met the entire town each evening heading to the river to get relief from the ever increasing heat wave.

On entering Melbourne we made a b line for a caravan park as we were in desperate need for washing machines and the thought of airconditioning was attractive with the increasing temps. NOT! All caravans parks were booked out because of the long weekend and the tennis. What to do? What else…Free camp in St Kilda! If you are going to fee load why not free load in a nice suburb. Right next to a park and on the tram line!

While we were in town we headed for some culture. Fiona shopping and art gallery and me….Crown Casino where I caught up with Deano, Kurt and Tanner (poker mates from Brisbane) and even made a small profit for the day.


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