Posted by: da76 | February 14, 2009

Down the East Coast to Hobart

Working our way down the east coast we headed for our overnight stay at Policeman’s Point and just happened to see a real policeman on the way! …Spooky!

The next day went down to Dora Point in the Bay of Fires (Spectacular) and got our first puncture of the trip! Easily fixed with the repair kit. We headed off on a bush walk that day but discovered the sign neglected to mention you can’t get through at high tide…Doh!

Today’s the day. Serious bush walking. We have promised ourselves that Tasmania would be our get fit time. And what a place to do it…beautiful! 11 km later and we were knackered. Great walk with turquoise waters and powder white beaches. You can see why Wine Glass Bay is so popular. Even the diabetic Wallaby (below) was impressive. Too much sweet stuff from the German backpackers.



  1. Hey you lot…enjoy Tassie. You have probably reached Hobart and beyond by now. Great weather at Wineglass. I was there 2 years ago – cold wet and a monster hangover was the combo I recall following a big night and a ‘lock-in’ with the owner at the pub in Swansea. Off to the Aust Tourism Awards on Friday night in Melbourne – should be fun and expecting Fraser Is Discovery (Wade Batty) to win. Just speaking to Ren and agreed to pass on the link to your site. Still very political for TSC but I understand pressure is building to move to one organisation – don’t you miss it !!! I will keep tracking your progress..John Fitz

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