Posted by: da76 | February 26, 2009

Continuing South (We will fall off the edge soon)

The bright light (singular) of Hobart beckons…It’s time for a few repairs, picking up mail and various chores. We had heard that the Salamanca markets were a look see and were bowled over with the size and variety of produce and stuff. Until this point we thought that Eumundi Markets were the best but Salamanca is incredible. We grazed on apricots, raspberries, smoked salmon and the mandatory German Sausages!

Also on the Hobart itinerary was a trip up to Mount Wellington. Watching the ‘insane’ push bike riders struggling up the hill was entertaining. It always fascinates me that they never look like they are enjoying themselves!…wonder why?

Mt Wellington was one moment bathed in sunshine the next clouded over but well worth the drive.

After leaving Hobart we headed south and sixty kilometers (nothing is very far away in Tasmania) we arrived at our next free camp, the cricket oval at Gordon.  Gordon is on a beautiful bay facing across to Bruny Island and it seemed just the place to put the boat in and stock up on our fish supplies (not much fishing since FNQ).

While the fishing is not up to the excitement of the NT the flathead and squid were thick! Using soft plastics instead of bait the lure wouldn’t be in the water for more than a few seconds before we hooked up. In no time we had enough fish and squid to fill the freezer. (And threw a substantial number back..the bag limit here is 30 flathead each!)

The weather has been hit and miss with some extreme winds one day and beautiful sunny days the next. One of the things we wanted to experience which everyone has raved about is the Bruny Island Eco Tour:

Excellent day and a real highlight of the trip. Below is a short video of our day.

While at Gordon we visited the local sheep cheese factory and stocked up on our cholesterol (actually sheep’s cheese has none). There are so many blackberries along the road we also made some jam as we had earlier had success making apricot jam from our purchase at Salamanca. We now have enough jam to last us until 2012!



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