Posted by: da76 | March 9, 2009

Deliverance country and frost bite.


Well, our time at Gordon is up and the freezer is full of flathead and squid. Time for something different, so we head up to the alpine lakes district with our destination planned for Arthurs Lake. On the way the ABC ran an interview about the Bullock Festival being held outsing Oatlands, as it was more or less on our way we thought we would give it a go. One of the interesting parts of the interview was that the bullock driver mentioned that the best part of his job was the multi use of the animal. When its finished its working life you can eat it! The festival was somewhat disappointing but top class scones and cream. After the festival we headed to our destination but changed our plans once we viewed the recommended campsite as it was overcrowded and not our scene at all.


Instead we decided to tackle the four wheel drive track to Woods Lake where we set up camp by the lake with no one else around…ah bliss! Until the weather set in that is….We had two days of good conditions and the trout were even biting (Three the first day and four the next). Then all hell broke loose. Winds up to 100 km per hour….freezing temperatures…blah! I made the grave mistake of buying a dual fridge thermometer which shows the caravan fridge temperature as well as inside the caravan. The record so far is 8 degrees (the caravan not the fridge) and Fiona is now holding the world record for the largest number of clothing items worn to bed! Ah the passion of married life!


Today is our 9th day and thankfully the gods have been kind and it’s back to the beautiful place we arrived at. We now have a nice collection of trout and smoked trout to supplement our diet. (We have a smoker with us… no not the addictive type). If the weather stays kind we may stay a week or so. Until next time…..



  1. Watch out for the two headed banjo player near Queenstown?

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