Posted by: da76 | March 31, 2009

Waiting…waiting…waiting and back to the lakes.

While staying at Woods Lake our awning decided that 10 years in the sun was enough (no slip slop slap). A replacement was in order and on order in Hobart. So we headed back to collect it after the first replacement supplied was the wrong size! The only problem was that the awning didn’t turn up so we had to cool our heals and play tourist again around town. Our time wasn’t  fully wasted as we had the opportunity to tour Sea Shepard’s “Steve Irwin” and get the background on their sushi reduction campaign. 


Some people we met at Woods Lake spoke highly of the Penitentiary Church in Hobart. While we are not overly fond of these types of tours we took the gamble and visited the site. Fascinating to see a church combined with prisoner cells and even a gallows. The last person hanged there was in the 40’s. 

No sign of the awning and we were getting fidgety so we decided to go bush again and visit Lake Pedder in the west coast wilderness region. As usual our first day was perfect sunshine and a beautiful white quartz beach then on cue the next day turned sour! We are now working on the principal of  2 nice days out of each week (if we are lucky). Even then we got the boat in the water and managed to catch another trout. During one wet day we visited the Gordon Dam. An incredible feat of engineering! We forgot the camera so no pictures unfortunately.


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