Posted by: da76 | April 8, 2009

It’s a small world after all…. And light (sun) at the end of the tunnel!

The old adage of a small world hit home when we set up camp at Darwin Dam, the southern end of Lake Burbury. A chap fly fishing at the time struck up a conversation and mentioned he worked at Burnie Paper Mill. This rang a bell and I mentioned I had met (and taken fishing) a bloke at King Ash Bay in the NT who also worked at the mill. After showing him a picture of Scott we realised they work together at the mill and even in the same department!

Anyway I jump ahead. When we left Lake Pedder we headed back to Hobart to collect the awning then headed up to Lake St Clair which is the southern end of the Cradle Mountain Overland Walk. The lake and surrounds are beautiful with crystal clear water and numerous streams flowing into the main body of the lake. Earlier we had heard of Darwin Dam so we headed past Queenstown and made camp near the boat ramp. The first day’s fishing at the lake produced our first ever catch of a rainbow trout and a few brown trout….things were looking good! Until the clouds rolled in with a sudden drop in temperature followed by two days of hail!!! Our track record of Beautiful one day S*&% the next was in tact. Both Fiona and I were starting to run out of patience (and blankets) so we packed up camp. “I’m not stopping till I see sunshine” I said. It took us a full day’s drive though Strahan all the way to Burnie before the sun was out and I was satisfied. We are going to spend the next few days around town to get some modifications made to the caravan (extra water tank and gas cylinders) then we will head toward Devonport and the ferry back to Australia (or the mainland). More soon!


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