Posted by: da76 | April 23, 2009

12 months on the road…and back to the mainland.

Wow. Twelve months already! In some ways it only feels like yesterday that we left Brisbane and in other ways it feels like we are a permanent fixture on the road. Every time someone asks how long we are intending to travel the answer seems to be different…two, three four years, who knows!

The walks at Cradle Mountain were wonderful and if the weather had been kinder we would have stayed longer. Heading down from the mountains we free camped at Railton (a small town which boasts a wonderful collection of topiaries).

Filling in some time before our scheduled trip back to the mainland, we headed up any lane that took our fancy and found ourselves at Four

Streams Lake which seemed to be a secret local fishing hole that didn’t appear on any of the maps we had. We stayed a few nights and then headed back to Latrobe to celebrate our trip anniversary (and the anniversary of Fiona proposing to me many moons ago when we were in Tasmania).

The special dinner was enjoyable but the restaurant (Glo Glo’s) was trying to hard to be a sophisticated metropolitan eatery and failed somewhat. They should stick to simpler fare.

After Latrobe we hit the high seas again for Melbourne and a chance to catch up with Greg, Andrea, Chloe and Nathan – old friends from Sydney. We had a wonderful time catching up and I provided the mandatory guest chef spot which I enjoy so much, even more so as we can share some of our hunter gathering spoils, this time squid and trout.

Next stop South Australia…..see you there!


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