Posted by: da76 | May 8, 2009

South Australia and heading west

We just got news that our tenants at Seal Street won’t be renewing their lease so serious budgeting starts now! We rely on the rent and a few consulting projects (thanks Sajen, Huxbury Quinn etc) as our primary source of income so we will need to slow down.

After leaving Melbourne we did a fairly large shop to stock up our vegies and other supplies. While in Tasmania we also fell in love with fresh (tasty) potatoes and bought a few kilos. Sounds good but we forgot that you can’t take vegies into SA! So at our free camp in the southern end of the Grampians we had an all in cooking spree and made potato this and that so we were legal when hitting SA.

Now that we are online we have been looking into differing ways to experience the outback and while trolling through web sites we found the Outback Helpers Scheme run by a wonderful lady called Jean in Mount Gambier.

We dropped Jean an email and mentioned we were in the area and she kindly invited us to have a chat and even let us set up the caravan in their yard! The next day we attended the ANZAC dawn service at the local park and Jean (and Ted, Jean’s wonderful husband) took us on a guided tour of the town. Wonderful people who really care about the outback. We can’t wait to catch up with them again.

We farewelled Jean and Ted and headed for Victor Harbour. A young lass at the coffee shop mentioned a place where people often free camp at Bashams Beach just outside of town. It was ideal, right on the beach, a drop loo, walking distance to town! What more could one want and oh…POKER! at the local pub!!!

Its funny how easily you get into conversations with people and before we knew it we were planting trees for Landcare while we were free camping…the least we could do for the community.

So we set up camp and Fiona flew to Brisbane to have a visit with Nadia. When Fiona returned we had a few more days of peace and quiet before the local ranger (politely) moved us on (maybe it was the washing strung up everywhere).



  1. Hey how come you turned so grey so quickly when you are supposed to be RELAXED! are you a fane, or doesnt the budget allow for restore?
    just jealous, wish we were there!

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