Posted by: da76 | May 18, 2009

Way down south and getting a lift!

In keeping with our budget mindedness we decided to head for a national park and the resulting cheap camping fees. We had read about Deep Creek Conservation Park and it seemed just the thing. A beautiful place at the end of the Fleurier Peninsula where we had a chance to complete the drying of the washing (that the ranger had interrupted) and bake some bread which is my new addiction (no kneed recipe which is a piece of cake…no bread).

When the rain abated we headed out on a bush walk to Boat Harbour Beach. A grueling 4 hour track down and back. We were both stuffed but elated that we survived. The next day we headed (by car) to Blow Hole Beach where I had some luck with rock fishing and picked up a couple of salmon. (The salmon got smoked that evening and joined our mezze plate for pre dinner nibbles).

While fishing Fiona had a set to with a seagull which fancied one of our salmon. After a chase that would have made Benny Hill proud (no sound track) Fiona emerged victorious and triumphant! 

After a late departure from Deep Creek (every start is late). We headed back to Adelaide to raid the markets one last time and stocked up on goat and other such delicacies…..If we could park the caravan there we would stay for months…YUM!

Our next stop, Port Parham a free camp in a small town on the bay. Fantastic facilities however the tide drops so far you can almost walk to Tasmania!

Not enough to stop me hunter gathering though so I hit the water to collect Razor Fish. If you are interested there is a short “how to” movie below.

A stroke of luck while we were camped. I made mention to one chap that I was keen to have the caravan raised for better off road performance. Low and behold he was an engineer and only to happy to assist. Well not so much assist but he did the job and I assisted.

While at Port Parham we had a call from Justin at Huxbury Quinn (our old business) who needed a hand preparing a few tenders. Perfect timing to top up the coffers.. Thanks Justin!



  1. Hi guys, sounds like you had a ball, cant believe you found the boat harbour beach track grueling.
    Keep on trucking.
    Kev & Merle

    • It’s OK for you young fit types! Cheers Guys!

  2. We are really enjoying your posts. On the road for over a year and still going strong, how good must that be!
    We’ll keep looking and wish you both best wishes on your continuing holiday. Cheers

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