Posted by: da76 | June 9, 2009

Perth and catching up with (young) old friends

Well we made it across the Nullarbor in record time searching for that elusive warmth! On our trip 12 years ago we met a lovely couple Peter and liz who invited us to stay with them in Perth. Over the intervening years we kept in intermittent contact and we very much were looking forward to catching up again face to face. Peter and liz still live in the house we stayed at last time in Landsdale. Peter and Liz now have two children Callum and Cara who were a true delight to spend time with. It’s always lovely to see how good friends seem to just slip into a special comfort zone irrespective of how long the absence has been.

It was great to once again cook for a large (er) group and other than interfering with Peter’s steak cooking I think our visit wasn’t to much of a burden on the family routine. Peter even brought out the scotch collection for a scotch degustation evening which none of us remember!!!

We spent a week with the Darch clan and again craving warmth decided to head north before the scotch ran out : )


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