Posted by: da76 | July 3, 2009

Ningaloo Homestead…..WOW!

Just like Tasmania where I said to Fiona we were not stopping until we found some place without rain, the same policy applied heading north from Perth with the exception that we were chasing sunshine and warmth. Initially we were headed to Coral Bay but due to the busy season getting a caravan park was difficult so we instead opted for Ningaloo Station between Exmouth and Coral Bay. I had heard so much of the place we were excited to pitch camp and boy we were not disappointed!

As we travel we seem to becoming less likely to stay in caravan parks and more often opt for free camps. This is not just about cost savings but adds an element of adventure. These camps are often more remote and offer space and privacy.

Ningaloo Homestead is wonderful. We are camped just a few meters from a beautiful turquoise bay fringed by a coral reef just a few kilometers offshore. The property runs sheep and goats and abounds with kangaroos and wallabies all of which have no qualms about walking (or hopping) through our camp at any time of the day or night. 

The fishing has been excellent with coral trout, north west snapper and wrasse our staple diet with a few squid thrown in for good measure. On one trip I caught a 65 cm coral trout which after boating it I decided to bleed it. Using the fish grips I held it over the side ready to cut it’s throat and you guessed it …. a few hard kicks and he was headed back to the deep blue sea…BUGGER!

The sea life around here is wonderful each boat trip is full of sightings of whales, manta rays, dolphins and turtles. The manta rays are easily three times the size of my boat and the whales seem to love playing chicken with the tinny, diving and doing tail flaps under the boat which results in a boil of water all around the boat!

Ningaloo has the advantage of fresh water through sand spears just  a few kilometers up the track. This is accessed by a small pump dropped down a well in the sand. 



  1. Some great looking fish and a wonderful spot. The fresh water ?, the pump is that yours or is it the homestead’s.

    • Hi Ron. Its my pump I carry

  2. Hi David & Fiona
    Im flicking through the www trying to find information for kids school project regarding the Whaling Station & ‘my stars’, here you are again.. Thanks so much for lending us your GPS, we still talk about this generous person we found in the middle of know where & put absolute faith in total strangers… It was an adventurous day & the whaling station amazing – thanks to you.
    Regards Melissa & Eric

    • Hi Melissa. What a coincidence. Just shows you there is nowhere to hide (on the internet)!!! Enjoy the rest of your travels. A great pleasure meeting you all. Cheers David & Fiona. P.S. You will become one of our blog posts now!

  3. Nice write up guys
    Please send me an email as I’d like to ask you a few more questions about the area

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