Posted by: da76 | July 6, 2009

More Ningaloo

It’s hard not to rave about Ningaloo Homestead. Just to give you some idea of one of those very special days…. we woke to a beautiful morning, light breeze and just enough warmth from the sun. Even though it’s winter the temperature is perfect with pleasantly cool evenings and warm days. We had breakfast (freshly baked bread) I will post the ‘no knead recipe’ soon and then jumped in the boat to catch the evening meal.

On our way out through the reef we saw another huge manta ray which was the first Fiona had got to see. Just before hitting our fishing spot several whales headed our way and often fully breaching out of the water. After a few minutes we had caught a feed and decided to troll for something larger, more for fun than anything else. During the troll we were smashed on both lures but unfortunately we couldn’t stop the freight train and lost both fish and our lures!

The day wasn’t over! We saw a sail fish (like a marlin) that decided to do acrobatics right in front of the boat, I looked closely just to see if the bugger had our lures but it was impossible to tell.



  1. Hi guys enjoying your blog. Just bringing back a lot of memories when we did the block in 2005/2006. Not to worry we will be heading off again june 2010. Just a question, where did you get your new wiz bang satellite dish. We noticed at Perlubie you had a manual dish like we have and would be curious to know info on the new dish. Is it automated etc. Thanks

    • Hi The dish was a ‘one off’ by They were going to bring them in from the UK and modify for Australia. It is a wind up job and is fantastic. Makes life very easy. You may want to drop them a note (ask for john) and see if they will be bringing more in. Cheers David

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