Posted by: da76 | August 24, 2009

Putting down roots… Becoming a Ningaloolian!

Well, we are still here. It’s been over two months and we can’t seem to drag ourselves away from this wonderful place. Aside from the wind that limits us to the caravan every now and then we are having a ball. We are so settled that we even have a vege garden growing out the front. (We inherited  some of the plants from a couple that was heading home). Having fresh salad and herbs is a real treat.

Over the weeks we have met some lovely people and look forward to catching up with them all again. The social network at Ningaloo is a fascinating study in human nature. The center piece to this is the UHF radio which works across the sheep station as the manager (Phil) has installed a repeater station with financial assistance of some of the campers. Everyone has a call sign (we are Daffy) and everyone keeps in touch especially when heading out fishing. A great safety feature.

The station has several camping areas. Some are formal (set sites) and others are more flexible. There is South Lefroy where camping is mostly behind sand dunes with some on the beach. This was quite crowded when we arrived and not our cup of tea. North of the is North Lefroy where we are and we are quite pleased we chose this area as it is relatively high and has great views across the bay. Equally it is a large area and we are not at all crowded with hundreds of metres between each camper  (only recently did we get someone a tad too close but all was OK until he fired up a generator every evening…oh well).

Further north of us are other sites such as the ‘locked gate’ the ‘caravan park’ and Windebrandi Point. All have their pluses and minuses, each to their own but we are happy where we are.

The fishing is still great and like everywhere we have been, ‘local knowledge’ is everything. I have been mostly fishing in one hundred meters and bagging out quite quickly. The only issue is this is too deep for Fiona who is exhausted just winding in the line!



Over the last few months we have come to the realisation that our camera is not up to scratch and we are missing out on some wonderful opportunities that especially needs a telephoto lens. As both of our birthdays are due in September we have bought a combined present of a Canon 1000D SLR with two lenses so we are running around shooting everything. Thank God we don’t use film anymore! Anyway we hope you enjoy our new photographic experiments. 

One last note before we wrap up this update. A few days ago we were asked by some passing travelers where the old whaling station was. Instead of attempting to give them directions that could have had them lost for weeks, I decided to lend them my portable GPS with the track stored on it. You would think this was a big risk with a gadget worth over $600 but we have found everyone on this trip has been wonderfully honest so I didn’t hesitate. A few hours later they were back and returned the unit and even left us with a few lemons (at least we wont get scurvy). Once again faith in human nature won out. Today we received a comment on the blog from guess who? Yep, it was the very same people who I lent the GPS to. They found our blog on the net while researching a project for their kids’ school work. How cool is that?


Until next time I hope you enjoy the shots.



  1. Gday Duffy&Fiona .
    Fancy comming across u in caravner forum Callsign Boggy Bay at ningaloo behind the locked gate,Boggy Bay at CF.Hope u not getting blown away at the moment????????We got home a week ago tooo cold here. How long u still there??
    good fishing for now and i will catch up again some other time. Cheers BB Rolley

    • Hi Rolley. Yep it sis a small world (especially on the internet!) Great to hear you got back ok even considering the cold! Wind is up and down but the fishing is still great. I am heading off to brisbane tomorrow (Fiona is staying at Ningaloo) as I have a project to complete for a client. It was great meeting you and we look forward to catching up again…hopefully next year. Cheers

      D & F

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