Posted by: da76 | September 10, 2009

There and back again

Yes, we are still at Ningaloo but not for long. Since our last post our vegetable garden has grown, my beard has grown and unfortunately our girths have grown as the wind has stopped us doing our usual walk and outdoor activities! The station is slowly emptying of travelers as most know that this time of the year the wind is less than pleasant and the toss up of going south into the colder areas wins over.

Last week I had a call from a mate on the Sunshine Coast who needed a hand with a project. He was keen to get me over there as he wasn’t confident we could work productively remotely. So it was on to a flight from Exmouth to Perth then to the Sunshine Coast. All up I spent two weeks back on the Coast and boy what a culture shock! Going from desert to vivid green was an eye opener not to mention having to hold a conversation with more than two people at once. I felt like a country hick going back into the bright lights of the city. Fortunately Neil And Ros my hosts and clients looked after me on their stunning property out at Woombye and we were able to work from their kitchen table which was not as harsh as heading into an office.

All went well on the project over the two weeks and I even had a chance to catch up with Nadia and her new boyfriend Daniel in Brisbane. While staying in Brisbane I was fed and watered by old time friends Max and Sally and even spent Fathers day in their wonderful company.

So you ask “what happened to Fiona while you were jetting across the country?” Well…..Fiona was ably looked after by our Ningaloo friend Ron Goodlad aka Wolf Creek  and of course Jack his wonder dog!  Ron won’t like us posting his picture (something to do with several ex wives and a misunderstanding between him, a bank, a balaclava and a shot gun. (just kidding…even though he looks the part!).  Ron suitably was a knight is shining armour and took Fiona and Jack for several drives and made sure she had enough water etc. Thanks Ron!


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