Posted by: da76 | October 6, 2009

Fast and furious …..Ningaloo to Darwin in 6 days (without air conditioning)

Before we start we have a new toy which updates (live) where we are. It’s on the links page of the blog and the “where are we page”.

How time flies. We are now well ensconced in Darwin after a very impromptu and fast trip from Ningaloo. The catalyst for the quick departure wasn’t eviction from Ningaloo but a project we were offered through ICV (Indigenous Community Volunteers) as house parents on Melville Island (part of the Tiwi Islands). So we packed and headed off as we were asked to be available for the ferry across to Tiwi on the 30th of September.

As is always the case with things mechanical the air conditioning decided to die just as we were heading north and without time to get it fixed we just enjoyed the luxury of a free steam bath for 3000 km. All was going well (and sweaty) until we hit Kununurra where we were informed that there had been a miscommunication between ICV and the Tiwi College and we were not needed until January! Bugger!!!! As compensation ICV have offered to pay for our fuel costs which is about $1,200 so we were somewhat mollified.

Serendipity came into play again (as always) and exactly two minutes after hanging up the phone to ICV I got a call from NT Cricket inviting me to an interview for the position of Communications Manager which I had applied for several weeks ago. You may ask: why we are looking for work? It’s more about being keen to experience the wet season in Darwin and would prefer to spend the time in a unit (comfort, space, air etc). Anyway the job didn’t eventuate (I came second) which Iam happy with as the last interview I had was over 15 years ago.

Fiona has had much more luck on the job front (yes I know, sounds like a well thought out plan for me to fish while Fiona brings in the money : ). Fiona has a Scribing job on thursday and and interview next week with a Government Department for a six month contract.

We are still keen to spend the wet up north so we see what happens. Darwin has grown and is still a fascinating town. Its been great to catch up with old friends and so far we have caught up with Ian Bodill (who we met in Gove), Deb and Geoff (who we met at the Daly River and we have met some lovely people in the park we are staying at. We had a great day with our new found friends on Mandorah which we finished off with dinner at the trailer boat club…. time for the dialysis machine and the diet!



  1. I beleive you met up with Ian Bodill in Gove, we were all at school in Grahamstown in our younger years, i lost his email address and beleive he is no longer St margrets river, i would appreciate it if you have an email address for ian, if you do see them again please give my love to him and his lovely wife Sue, thank you so much ,
    Regards Brenda jordan

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