Posted by: da76 | November 22, 2009

Darwin. Settling in and a side trip to Asia

Hi All

Our posts will most probably slow down a bit over the next six months as we will be staying around Darwin till after the wet and we will only report on highlights (and of course fishing conquest shots).

Since our last post quite a lot has happened but before I go on, our new home for the next six months or so will be Crab Claw Island Crab Claw Island is an hour and a half drive south west of Darwin. We have a three day a week job helping at the resort (cleaning etc) which leaves us plenty of time to do some consulting work (more about that later) and still volunteer with ICV.

Speaking of ICV, we have been taken under the wing of an ICV project coordinator named Andy Peart who has been wonderful and understands our skills set and what we are hoping to do in the way of volunteering. Andy is a mad keen bushwalker and invited us on a cross country walk through Litchfield Park which we enjoyed immensely.

In terms of ICV projects, so far we have only undertaken one submission writing gig that applied for funding to restore a hall at Numbulwar on the Gulf but we are hoping for others soon.

Andy also has been introducing us around town and from those introductions we look like picking up some paid consulting work as well, which will help the budget somewhat. Our first consulting project up north will be for a tour operator Mangrove Route Tours who we will be working with to develop a marketing strategy and reviewing their overall direction.

Oh…Nearly forgot some exciting news! If you recall I had to fly to the east coast from Ningaloo to assist with a project for a friends company AccesPlus. The project was to prepare a tender for a major IT project and Neil informs me he won!!! Great news for a great company and a great team.

One of the wonderful things about Darwin is its proximity to Asia. Jetstar regularly runs cheap flight sales and we just couldn’t resist when they were offering $99 fares to Singapore. So after a nanosecond’s thought we booked. (Why drive to Darwin for Singapore noodles when you can fly there instead!).

The timing was great as Nadia and her partner (Daniel) were traveling to Phuket so we could kill two birds with one stone. We had a great time with four days in Singapore then flying to Phuket and staying at Patong. I will do a more robust description of the trip in our next post and add some photos.



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