Posted by: da76 | January 14, 2010

Better late than never

Firstly a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. No real excuse as to the rarity of our postings other than that we have settled into a form of routine that leaves little new to report.

Our life at Crab Claw Island has settled down and we are very much enjoying the environment and now feel well and truly part of the team. CCI (Crab Claw Island) has a team of 15 or so staff many of whom are young travellers and the rest are drawn from Darwin or have been ensconced at the resort for a number of years. The new owners (18 months now) David & Jackie have quite a vision for the resort and have plans for upgrades that will see the resort get a new lease on life. It will be quite exciting to see the plans come to fruition over the next several months.

Fiona and I have been quite active not only with our CCI responsibilities but have been doing a number of consulting projects including developing a marketing strategy for a tour operator on Darwin Harbour ( and we are continuing to do volunteer work for ICV.

One of the reasons for us staying up in the NT so long is that we wanted to experience the wet season and boy are we doing that. It is fascinating to see a dry and somewhat desolate landscape turn (almost overnight) into a green and verdant semi rainforest scene. You can easily see that if the NT had a longer wet season it would quickly become tropical rainforest. It will be interesting to see the reverse of this when things start drying up. One aspect of the wet that isn’t exciting is the exodus of all things creepy crawly that decide that our caravan is nice and high and dry and one that they want to make their new home. It is a constant battle to keep the miniscule ants out of all our electronic items (sat receiver etc) which they seem to like as a place to nest.


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