Posted by: da76 | July 11, 2010

Home away from home

It’s been ten days now in the Philippines and we have started to fall in love with the pace and its people. The Philippines has a reputation as the ‘land of smiles’ and it is well deserved. Everyone is quick to wish you a good morning or good evening and always with a ready smile. The past ten days has been all about settling into the project and settling into our new accommodation. Yes, at last we found an apartment. In the end we had only a few choices each with there pros and cons. We finally settled on the opulent sounding ‘River Grande’ a new development in the Totolan district  on Panglao Island just across the bridge from Tagbilaran (the major city).

The apartment is so new we are actually living in a construction site as the other apartments are still to be completed! We now wake up to the sound of 1000 roosters and angel grinders. While this sounds terrible the development is actually quite beautiful as it is smack bang on a crystal clear river with fishing villages just a stone through away and it is quite rural so aside for the aforementioned noises its lovely. Our unit is two bedroom two bathroom and are selling for A$70,000 if you are interested! After a bit of shopping (linen and kitchen stuff) we are feeling relatively settled.

Without going into detail things with our client are going quite well albeit slowly. The slowness is simply the nature of things in the Philippines and we have to adjust our ‘commercial mind set’ to this volunteer assignment.

As part of our assignment we have to look into the competitive environment so we decided to head to the Loboc River to see the “floating restaurant tour’ which has been the inspiration behind the project we are working on. We arrived at what we thought was the tour ( we later found out it was actually a copy cat operation) and enjoyed a two hour tour and lunch for the princely sum of 350p per person (A$5.00). The trip included a visit to a traditional tribal village up river. Not sure if traditional usually includes giant fibreglass crabs and fire eating! But enjoyable all the same. We later drove back to our hotel via the real Loboc and had a quick look at the substantial infrastructure that has been built to accomodate the growing tourism trade.



  1. Was looking for Insight Fishing Charters but found you instead. Oh well guess you’ll do! How’s it going? Good to hear that your settling in and slumming it. All good here, same things happening and interesting as usual. Don’t overdo and try to catch the right boat next time. Looking forward to getting the crab, going to put in on a pontoon in the harbour and moor the hire boats to it.

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