Posted by: da76 | August 16, 2010

Looking to the future

Our love affair with the Philippines grows deeper every day. We are now half way through our three month assignment and we are seriously considering basing ourselves here for the next few years. Fi and I often talk  about what draws us to the place and find it is a myriad of things. The people, the adventure, the scenic beauty? Frankly all the above and more. Bohol (and the Philippines) is a place where the most modest input whether it be volunteer work or just spending money through day to day living, has a profound and immediate effect on the local population. Hopefully we will still be able to continue our volunteer work through ABV both in the Philippines and elsewhere.

Our project is going well and the draft development plan is with the Governor for his consideration. Next step will be a series of meetings with the Mayors and the Governor to discuss the details then we move to the marketing strategy and hopefully commercialisation before mid November.

We have been taking the opportunity to play tourist on the weekends and have begun to explore Panglao (the island we live on) and have had trips further a field to Danao and Anda beach. Danao’s claim to fame is the ‘adventure park’ set up by the local municipality that boasts zip lines, plunges etc. Fiona and I were encouraged to try the zip line which is a few thousand meters long and ‘enough’ meters above the valley floor to ensure that if you fell you wouldn’t be suing anyone! This venture for the Municipality has been a huge success and has employed numerous people throughout the area.

Anda beach was lovely and quiet but the resort we stayed at was quite dilapidated. This is much the same story across Bohol with little maintenance undertaken after the initial construction. We are not sure about the mind set behind this. On the way back we had the opportunity to see a Cock Fight. Quite a gruesome experience but a national pass time.


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