Posted by: da76 | October 16, 2010

Heading home (via Shanghai)

Our project is over and it’s time to move on. Maggie and Geoff have flown over from Australia to spend a few weeks with us before we head to Manila (then Shanghai) island hopping on the way. The decision to visit Shanghai was purely spur of the moment as we discovered expo was on and we still have fond memories of the Brisbane Expo. After expo we head back to Australia to spend Christmas with Nadia and the family. We are hopeful that by January we will get another assignment from ABV. Our time in Bohol was wonderful, we made many new friends and feel that our efforts on the project will bear fruit over time. The Abatan River has great potential, it just needs the agreed financial support to really take off. Bohol was a fortunate first destination for us as no other place in the Philippines has captured our imagination as much nor are the other places as untouched. Fiona and I are seriously considering basing ourselves in Bohol for the next few years while we continue our volunteer work in Asia.


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