Posted by: da76 | February 10, 2011

From there to back again (Sorry Mr Tolkien)

After Shanghai it was back to Darwin to pick up the van  and start on the 3500km treck back to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to catch up with family and friends. The event of the season was Georgie and Sean’s engagement party which turned into a very beautiful wedding. Very satisfying for our foodie sensibilities too was an abfab tagine dinner cooked by our talented daughter, Nadia. It’s also hard to beat a Christmas Day with the Licences! Our livers are still recovering.

Prior to leaving the Philippines we had made the momentous decision to buy our lovely unit in Bohol and base ourselves there for a few years while we continue our projects with Australian Business Volunteers. So the plan was to sell the car and van while were in Australia.  Selling the land cruiser took about five minutes. A lady from Ingham picked up the car and headed back north just as the dreadful north QLD floods started.

As we all know, the rain did not stop and as soon as we headed down to Brisbane the horrendous flooding followed us. Fortunately we were high and dry sponging off Max in Spring Hill.

On the way back to the Philippines we had a short stopover in Kuala Lumpur and caught up with with an old friend, Estella and met her husband Azza. Got just a small taste of Malaysia and left wanting more. Is there any limitation to the bucket list?

Got back to Bohol with everyone having a bit of a freak out about the Abu Sharif (spelling?) terrorists threatening foreigners with kidnapping. That seems to be settling down now. As soon as we got back we were invited to a wedding. Angad and Fatima met a few months back and decided to tie the knot. Angad was introduced to us through another ABV volunteer we met last year in Bohol.

We’ve been offered a project in Vanuatu which sounds exciting so we’ll be off early March for three months on the remote Mystery Island! Meanwhile we are busy organizing contracts to purchase our unit and builders for the new kitchen, fences and pergolas.


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