Posted by: da76 | March 14, 2011

From one natural disaster to another

An interesting start to what I’m sure will be an interesting project….

After a few great days in Sydney staying with old friends, the Digby’s and catching up with Paddy and Helen, and Elaine and the girls from school, we jumped on the train to the airport. Fortunately we had plenty of time as once we got to Wynyard we advised that power to the city train grid had been cut due to a suicide at Petersham.

We were also advised that our flight to Port Vila was being rerouted through Auckland because of a potential cyclone threatening the city. We finally arrived in Port Vila  at 7am totally wiped out. We squeezed in 2 hours of sleep then met with our in country manager, Lou.

After a number of meetings we were really looking forward to some serious sleep then the terrible earthquake in Japan happened and we put on tsunami alert for a 1am arrival.

We were due to fly to Mystery Island today but the flight was cancelled due to lack of plane (still in for repairs). The shipping agent here has kindly arranged for us to travel on Monday by cruise ship!  No more natural disasters please.

The magazine pages above are from Green Living Australia. We were interviewed by the editor while she was visiting Bohol. Nice article and Bohol gets a good rap.


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