Posted by: da76 | July 16, 2011

Back in Bohol

Well, we are back in Bohol after our wonderful (yet isolated) project on Mystery Island. We anticipated our return to Bohol would have been to a beautifully renovated apartment but lo and behold nothing was finished! That’s path of the course in the Philippines I am afraid. Six weeks after getting back everything is completed. New kitchen, new bathroom and awnings as well as a new courtyard.

The project in Vanuatu had it’s challenges but it was a wonderful experience. Fiona and I both lost 6kg each and hope to keep it off back in civilization but we don’t hold mush hope with all the new restaurants opening on our island. On our way back we spent a few nights on Tana Island staying in a tree house in a HUGE tree looking out on a very active volcano! This was one of the highlights of all our travels and we would highly recommend it to be added to everyone’s bucket list.

Back in Bohol we are working on the Abatan River project again moving them to commercialization. It’s great to be back and setting up our new lives. We are starting to feel very much at home in the Philippines.. Yes it has it’s challenges but that’s often the charm of the place. Many foreigners living here don’t understand why things here are not done like things at home (1st world countries etc) and keep complaining. Fiona and I have the attitude that it is there country and we must respect the cultural differences and frankly, resisting will just make you miserable. Go with the flow and keep smiling is the answer!

This will be the last blog update for a while as things will start becoming ‘routine’ whatever that means! We will however update if anything interesting happens…..until then. SAFE TRAVELS!


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