Posted by: da76 | March 16, 2012

Belated update July 2011 – April 2011

As promised in the last post.

Here is a quick and dirty (read lazy) update with us “time travelling” from mid last year until the present day.

So what did we get up to in that time?


  • We did a quick trip to Hong Kong for Fiona’s 50th
  • Had friends Sally and Felicity come over for a visit (and copious cocktails) with quick trip to Boracay
  •  We became Godparents to Aiden (Son of friends Steffan and Nadia)
  •  Celebrated Octoberfest at Peacock Gardens
  • Fiona started going to Yoga
  • I started diving again
  • Started helping Tarsier Botanika with some marketing assistance
  • Celebrated our first ever Thanksgiving Dinner at the Grass Roof Restaurant
  • Early December Nadia and Tom’s visit and celebrated Nadia’s 21st
  • Stopping to perve at the swimming costume beauty contest only to find out they were all boys. Ha!
  • Started playing tennis again
  •  Celebrated Chinese New Year at Tarsier Botanika

Tom and Nadia Visit

Now how is that for lazy!

Nearly forgot the most important part. Fiona joined me on the second of March and it is wonderful having her here to share the experience in Laos.


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