Posted by: da76 | March 30, 2012

Living in Luang Prabang (Fun and drama)

We are half way through the project now and things have moved on somewhat faster than the initial few weeks. I have now visited over 20 remote villages and have a good idea of the issues surrounding the Community Based Tourism initiatives here. I hope there will be some good outcomes from the project by the time the project is concluded in July. I have also been assisting the organization to develop an online strategy and a new web site.

Fiona has been helping with copy etc and still working on her novel. I am still don’t know much about her writing project but I am looking forward to a ‘sneak peak’ in a few months.

Luang Prabang is a wonderfully ‘livable’ place. Heaps of things to do, places to see, places to eat and all wrapped in a lovely culture and amazing architecture.

Early on I was able to find a nice house to rent not far from town and I have bought a motorbike which we will sell before we leave. We have found it is simply cheaper and easier to buy a bike than rent when you consider resale costs etc.

Our days are spent between the office in town, the local markets (wonderful fresh produce) and the many restaurants in town. Laos food is a great mix of Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian. Quite frankly the cuisine has taken the best of each culture. Unfortunately we are packing on the weight we lost on Mystery Island!

But all is not roses in LP. Unfortunately we have also experienced the ‘dark side’ of the town with our bike being stolen one evening from our house (retrieved by locals in our village) then broken into (nothing stolen) a few nights later. Early one morning while viewing the Alms Giving (to the local monks) our bag was snatched from the bike as we were driving along. Fiona and I stupidly gave chase along the Mekong screaming at the top of our lungs and shattering the early morning solitude. Our bandits were not able to shake us even after throwing helmets at us and other sundry items. In the end they gave up in disgust throwing our bag at us. In hindsite a stupid thing to do as we were going as fast as the bike could go (about 90kmh) without helmets!

Quite the adrenalin rush.


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