A trip around Australia wouldn’t be complete (or as enjoyable) without the people you meet.

Often like-minded travelers, sometimes locals but more often than not, wonderful friendly and welcoming.



  1. I hate reading blogs from people who do not have a care in the world. Your adventures look wonderful. I am totally envious.Do you have room for two kiwis -we do not take up much room? Will make sure Wendy sees this blog and she will get in touch with you both.
    Love Mike

    • Hi Mike. Great to hear from you and yes we always have room for two kiwis! Fly over any time (forgot its a flightless bird!). Love to Wendy and Finn & Liz

  2. Hi guys thought we wouldcatch up wiht you as we are in qld. we are currently at Emu park.

    • Hi Helen. We are in darwin at the moment and planning to stay for six months or so. Happy travels! D & F

  3. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to the both of you.

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. The Singapore jaunt seems like it was a lot of fun.
    Love from Paddy, Malcolm and Brigitte

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